In ITEnrich, we believe in providing IT Training and IT Services that are phenomenally cost effective and tailored as per your requirements. Our professionals have vast domain experience in Microsoft Technologies, Application Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Server Virtualization, Project Management, Datacenter Consolidation, Process Standardization, etc.

We help you in providing maximum return on your hard earned money. We are aware of the fact that business is all about getting maximum returns that eventually resulted in personal and professional growth. In ITEnrich, we understand that time is the most important asset and delivering services first time correct is essential. Our services will help you in the betterment of your processes and procedures. We study all your processes and help you with the better way of doing the same activity. Our services are very cost effective and help you in saving on Opex and Capex cost.

Moreover we also help you in identifying all the areas where automation can be introduced and that would eventually save management and run and maintenance cost. It would also help in reducing the life cycle costing your IT infrastructure. Our IT services would also help you in moving from Capex to Opex model. We also provide manpower for your Organizations.

IT Services offered by ITEnrich:

IT Training
IT Consulting
Career Consulting
Process Management
Application Virtualization Solution
Desktop Virtualization Solution
Application Testing
Application Development
IT Automation
Server Virtualization Solution
Desktop Virtualization Solution
Project Management
Android Application Development
Data Center Consulting
Data Center Consolidation
Data Center Migrations
Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
Microsoft SharePoint 2010/2013 deployment
Server Hardening
Writing RFPs